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"Christmas Bells - The School of Life"

December 20, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Scott A. Adamsons Series: The Christian Walk

Topic: Christian Living Passage: John 21:15–21:17, Luke 9:1–9:6

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Christmas bells are ringing the Messiah's birth is nearly here. For he comes to seek and save the lost, and we celebrate our great fortune from his faith and love.  It is well that we do; for we are saved by his grace through faith.  And just knowing that, "For whosever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved," provides great comfort and peace.

We tend to focus a great deal upon the "save" portion of Jesus' mission, but he spent over three decades in person, in the flesh with us (OUR Emanuel).  Why would he have endured that much time away from his throne in Heaven, away from the heavenly host, away from the sin and peace that Heaven has, if all he had to do was sacrifice his life for us?  There was a second part to his mission and we often forget that it was the first part; to "seek" the lost.

This morning, we will honor our Lord by focusing on the "seek" portion of his mission.  He is not just an amazing Savior, but he is also a phenomenal teacher.  And it is his teaching that required him to be Emanuel for nearly three decades.

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