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“God & Mankind - Relating His Way”

May 3, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Scott A. Adamsons Series: The Christian Walk

Topic: Christian Living Passage: Exodus 20:1–20:11

We perceive people and things based upon our experiences in life.  In its extreme form this is known as prejudging or prejudice, but for most of us we relate to it as normal discernment.  It can range from simple preferences in laundry detergent to what automobile brand we find reliable, or even the style of home that fits our personality. 

But when it comes to God, many of us also adopt a preconceived notion of what God is like.  Some people believe that God is a strong mature man with a long white flowing beard, while others picture God as a spirit who looks like bright perfect white light.  Where our preconceptions get us into trouble is when our image of God does not reflect the God of His Bible.  So as we continue our sermon series of the Christian Walk, we will visit what the Bible says about God and us to realign our thinking to His own.  This will also help us function more effectively in our Christian walk.

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