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Online Sermon - "Faith Without Works is Dead"

April 26, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Scott A. Adamsons Series: The Christian Walk

Topic: Christian Living Passage: James 2:10, James 2:26

If you are not a believer in Christ as your Redeemer, then what do you rely upon as your standard of humanity?  If Jesus is your Savior, then what is your safety net for walking the talk?  We all walk a tightrope.  Some people walk the one that runs from birth to death, while others test their balance on the one that runs from birth to rebirth.  Some safety nets are better than others, and sometimes no safety net is preferable.

Join us online Sunday morning for a look into James 2:10 & 26 as we look into the benefits and dangers of orthodoxy and dogma in our walk.  You will be fed with meat and milk from the Word.


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