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The Demon in Democracy - A Study in Daniel

December 1, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Scott A. Adamsons Series: The Making of a Prophet

Topic: The Making of a Prophet Passage: Daniel 7:4–8, Jeremiah 49:19–22, Revelation 13:1–8

Have you ever had a bad dream?  Has that dream ever reoccurred?  I think that we have all had disturbing dreams from time to time, and that sometimes we have that same dream, or one similar, more than once.  Perhaps it was a dream of falling or drowning.  Maybe it was about desperately trying to get home but forgetting the way.  Psychologists tell us that these are all natural dreams stemming from our subconscious processing different stresses in our lives. 

But have you ever experienced a specific dream that somebody else had?    This Sunday we will dive into Daniel’s dream in chapter 7 and make the connection to what John experienced when Jesus shared his revelation with him.  The similarities between the two accounts surpass what would be considered to be normal and into the realm of divine prophesy, some of which is beginning to play out today.  Please join us at 10:30 for worship and a message from His word. 

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