Welcome to the website for Lighthouse Baptist Church in Eden, NC.  Please join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 for worship at 8460 NC Hwy 14, Eden, NC.

COVID Protocols


COVID Concerns & Social Distancing Protocols


These are our basic protocols to help maintain social-distancing and minimize the transmission of colds and viruses.  We are blessed to be able to worship in a country where we are not only free to do so, but our founding documents actually preserve our rights to assemble, speak, and worship without outside interference.  But with great privilege, comes great responsibility.


The following protocols may appear to strict to some, but given the concerns of many in our community along with the fact that we are called to love our neighbors by Christ, we are requesting that your respectfully comply.  As the situation changes in our community, state, and nation, we will review these practices and modify them appropriately.  Thank you for your cooperation and we pray that your worship time here is fruitful and healthy.


  • If you or any member of your household has a fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms, or if you are a member of an “at-risk” group, we request that you join us from the comfort of your home through our Facebook live feed or our website later in the day when the recording of the service is available.


  • Please sit in an open pew by physical household. This will reduce the chances of spreading germs, but also make more room for other families to attend.  We are limiting attendance to 50% of normal capacity to maintain social-distancing.  Two different households may share a pew as long as a minimum distance of 6’ is maintained in between them.


  • Children are not the easiest people to always control, but please make every effort to keep your child(ren) with you. All watering fountains have been turned off, but water is available in the kitchen using disposable cups.  Parents should bring their own toys for their child(ren) to play with, and not share them with other children.


  • Hand sanitizer is available. Please use it.  Additionally, bottles of germicide/sanitizer are located in the sanctuary, each open bathroom, and in the nursery area.  If they need to be used, please spray the affected area, and let it air dry (the chemical needs to work for several minutes and it is not meant to be wiped off).  As always, keep chemicals out of the reach of children.


  • Tithing and offerings are graciously accepted. They may either be placed in the offering plate after the service on the way out OR you can visit our website which has a secure link to a reputable Giving application where debit/credit cards and direct drafts can be made.  These can be reoccurring or one-time transactions and the giver may change their preferences at any time.  We appreciate your support and your involvement in God’s work here on Earth.  You do make a difference!


  • Since choirs are typically comprised of groups of people from many different households who sing in close proximity to each other, hymns and music will be performed by those participating within their own household unit in their own pew. The only exception to this is if a special piece of music is performed as a solo or by people from only one household; in such cases, those playing/singing may do so at the front of the sanctuary while maintaining at least a 6’ distance from other people.


While every effort will be made to ensure a clean safe environment in which to worship, attendees come at their own risk.  Please minimize the risk of bug and virus transmission by respecting our self-distancing protocols and applying an abundance of common sense.  We welcome your safe participation.




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