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Prayer for Our Leaders & First Responders


Our leaders, representatives, and first-responders need prayer support.

Please remember to keep our President, the First Family, their staff, and all of our elected representatives and appointed leaders in prayer daily. This nation needs God more that it knows, and as we try to fix our own problems, His wisdom is too often not sought or applied.

Our prayers are meaningful, because God gives them meaning. He does not just hear them, but He listens to them, and they are recorded in Heaven. The Lord wants to hear from us, so why don’t we lift our hearts and voices to Him?

Right now several members of our government are battling COVID-19. Others are striving to make life better for everyone who lives in this great land. While we are flawed and often disagree about how to treat an illness, or what policies are best for our nation, the Lord’s wisdom is perfect in all matters. Let us pray for His wisdom in their lives. Let us pray for His voice to be penned into their conscience. Let us pray for His will to be done.

For our emergency services personnel, let them be given wisdom, protection, provision, and peace. Then let all be given opportunities to hear the Gospel – for His glory and our salvation as a people and a nation.

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